Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bienvenue au sud ouest

Hamburgers have even made it down here! Lou burger - lou means le (the) in the Occitan dialect. They pride themselves on serving fresh and quality burgers. And for 19€ per menu- including burger, fries and drink- it better be good! Bread made in montauban, tome du ramier from the local farm and beef from the south west. and all this under the arches of the beautiful place nationale in e heart of montauban. 

The meat was excellent , but the rest was overpriced and under taste. For 46€ we got two burger menus and a salads de magret (not worth the 13€!). 

And what gets me the most is WHY anyone down here would even want to make burgers. They have the best food in the world! Between wine, duck, nectarines, melons, yellow zucchinis, rocamadour cheese, fresh cabecou, delicious walnut tarts...why hamburgers? 

Speaking of local products, here is the picture of the mirabelle (little yellow plums) tree growing outside the house we're staying in for another 2 weeks. We're anxiously awaiting them to turn deep yellow-orange so we can pick them. 

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