Friday, June 14, 2013

Operation cookie : Part 1

I feel like Goldilocks. 3 types of batter, 6 dozen baked, various temperatures, baking times and cookling times...and still the quest for the perfect cookie continues...."good" cookies are subjective : cakey, gooey, soft, chewy, crispy, in the end, I just trusted my husband's stomach to tell me which were the best.
almost perfect toll house cookies, but a little too cakey

Undercooked but chewy salted butter and dark chocolate cookie
Note chewy enough. Too cakey. Too buttery. Argh!
oatmeal cranberry just out of the oven

My little boy had enough of the kitchen timer so he was" flugging" his ears with bathing cap and his hands because the timer kept going off every 8 minutes for about 2 hours (plugging in max language)

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