Friday, June 14, 2013

Key lime pie / Tarte au citron vert des Keys

There are lots of problems with making American food in France. One of them is taste buds.

American food tends to be a lot sweeter than French. I've noticed this little by little over the past 15+ years. And as my taste buds adapt, all of my original recipes just seem too sweet and cloying.

So I've struggled with finding the right balance for the key lime pie for a long time. It's one of my favorite desserts, but somehow it's just always too sweet. I was always scared to cut out too much sugar in the meringue...until yesterday. And I finally found the right balance.

The original recipe I used comes from the back of a graham cracker box and is glued into a 20 year old recipe notebook I have. For the meringue, I use the recipe for Soft meringue 1 in the Joy of Cooking. The recipe calls for a half cup of sugar. Little by little, I've cut it down to only 1/4 cup which still might be too much.

The English version of the recipe can be found on the my American market blog. They also published a French version be publishing the French version

Bon app'!


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