Saturday, June 8, 2013

Globalization, one cupcake at a time.

And as I typed this post, I ruined the cupccakes I had in the oven. 

American diner in downtown Lille; American cupcakes in London; French raclette in London; French pastries in London...what's the world coming to? Such an amalgamation of food spreading across the world...and thank goodness! 

As an expat American living in France, I am more than happy to welcome the mixing of culinary cultures especially when it means I can easily find a good burger or cupcake or cheddar cheese just around the corner ! 

I was in London recently with my two kids and my parents. The main aim was of course food, with the secondary aim of spending time in an English speaking environment so my bilingual kids would have a couple days of pure English. But back to the food....

The longer I live in France, the more "at home" I feel in England. And how couldn't I with the explosion in the number of food trucks serving Mexican food and hot dogs, the Wholefoods market on Kensington High Street and the cupcake fad! (Please don't mention the Starbucks on every corner!). And in the middle of it all, my daughter spotted Les Merveiulleux de Fred," just like around the corner from our house". I explained to her that we obviously hadn't come to London for French food, but American food was ok. (I even saw a tartiflette truck near the South Bank).

Back "home" in Lille, there is a newish American diner that even serves Welch's grape soda (for 3€ a can!) and I even saw a hamburger and bagel Greg's Cantine Mobile, a food truck the other day. I haven't tried it yet but yippee!!! And that's without mentioning the cupcakes and carrot cake served at Elizabeth's in the Vieux Lille. 

Some places to get "American" food in  Lille: 

Lille :American style food
Elizabeth's , 71 rue Basse, for cupcakes and other American type cakes
HD Diner, 12 rue Royale, for good hamburgers, milkshakes and a semi-authentic diner experience.
Le Cut has amazing but expensive hamburgers
Taco Memo on rue Gambetta has decent burritos.

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